6 Key Tips to get hired in an online world

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1. Dress as if it was an in person office Interview

Just because you are online, and you maybe at home in the kitchen, don’t dress like you are! Remember first impressions are just as important for the employer, and when you dress professionally you will feel psychologically that you are in a work environment and act accordingly If you are worried you maybe overdress if your potential employer is a company of casual dress code, then do your homework check the dress code at the potential employer work gatherings from their online social media, and dress one degree above their typical dress code to be safe.

2. Silence is golden

Ensure there are no distractions

You must have a completely silent space, so coffee shops and co-working spaces are not recommended, as you have no control over outside noises which may distract you. If you are at home , make sure all windows, doors are closed, TV is off, phone on silent, and no pop ups are allowed on your PC to give you the best chance to focus your mind 100 % on the interview

If you have children at home, and or dogs, make sure they are not in the room, and have enough to keep them busy for the duration of the interview.
We have seen in the last year several live news broadcasts, where the children/pets came in and took over events!

3. What’s behind you?

This may sound obvious, but pay attention to your background, Best advice is to keep it neutral, with nothing to distract the interviewer from focusing on YOU!

So certainly avoid any mess in the background, including your bed or kitchen table full of your life. The best background is a mainly blank wall, with some distance behind so you look more confident with space around you.

A bookcase can look professional, but check there is no dubious books or photos on show which may influence the interiviwer on your politics, beliefs or social life.

4. Lights , Camera , Action

So sit on a comfortable, straight back chair to give you the right presence. Don’t sit on a sofa or armchair as you will slouch and it looks too laid back and casual. If at all possible, request the interview be conducted when you are at your best! Normally a day time normal working hours interview works best for all, as your brain and body will be alert and more responsive. Natural light will give you give you the best lighting, but make sure the sun is not shining on the screen or on you.

If its an early morning or evening interview, ensure sufficient lighting from table lamps , and avoid lights shining directly behind you or above you.

Most up to date PCs have webcams with sufficient megapixels, to give the interviewer the best possible experience of talking by video. Do ensure you check the quality of you camera.
When you doing an interview, its always preferable to use a fixed PC, rather than a phone which will require to be either held by you are eye level constantly, or be held by a flexible arm mount. For the PC try to ensure its eye level with the interviewer, so you may need to place a couple of books underneath it to raise it up.

5. Make sure you have the right equipment and test it the day before the Interview!

If your PC, Webcam, Microphones don’t work properly in an interview, you may not get a 2ndchance!

So download any required software the day before eg Zoom, and do a test call with your friends to gauage any issues. Check both the video quality and audio quality.  Test your headphones and any attached microphone for quality issues.  In built PC microphones Always Wear ear buds rather than oversize gaming headphones, to give a better impression.

The most important pitfall, is to avoid any technical issues at the interview so best advice is get online before the interview schedule and test everything is working

6. Pre and IN the interview

Most systems let you record eg Zoom, so have a practice session, record it, and try to smooth out any issues in your pitch for real interview delivery

During the interview, try to look at the camera, not below to the picture of the other person, this will ensure you are actually face to face as far as possible.

Get in the mood before the interview, to be energetic and positive, so use some exercise before the interview to get your energy levels up to the right levels.

Finally remember the interviewer can only see you, so use some post it notes dotted around the edge of the PC at eye level, with notes, questions to ask, key information you want to  convey. 

All these tips,  will ensure you don’t miss anything vital and give the best overall performance to get you the job you want!

Do you know any more tips?

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