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Even though Covid-19 is affecting many different sectors, Artemis SEA continues to operate as usual. If you would like to contact us, please feel free to do so via our normal channels.
John Holme - Managing Director
at the British Chamber of Commerce on Achieving Diversity and Inclusion for Thailand's Workforce

Artemis SEA

is here to give you the cutting edge whether you are a candidate seeking a career change or an employer searching for the best hard-to-find talent in local and regional markets.

Our Managing Director has 22 years of experience working across Asia Pacific at a senior level, and our team members are all experienced in recruitment and able to recruit across all Southeast Asian markets.

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Corporate Workshop Training Courses

Corporate Workshop Training Courses Now Available!

Corporate Workshop Training Courses
  • Led by Local & International Industry experts
  • The only training institute with all courses certified by Ministry of Education & ASIC
  • Customized, On Demand Short Training Courses

Artemis SEA

Our Mission

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We have a passion for PEOPLE. Our belief is that Human Capital is the most crucial element of every successful business.

Extraordinary teams are formed when each person’s ability, engagement, and aspirations perfectly match organizational goals to produce remarkable results.

The Artemis SEA team is committed to placing the right talent with the right company every time. We are also focused on talent development through providing certified Corporate Training courses across Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets, and our training courses offer a unique approach that is centered around soft skills and organizational development.

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