Artemis SEA at the British Chamber of Commerce

One of our secrete passions at Artemis SEA is sharing knowledge. Therefore, we appreciate the opportunity to join a panel of industry experts to discuss the future of Diversity and Inclusion for Thailand’s Workforce. A well organized event by the British Chamber of Commerce that revealed key insights of Thailand’s labour force. We are looking […]

How to get SEEN at work, in an UNSEEN WFH world…

Work from home

How to get SEEN at work, in an UNSEEN WFH world… With the majority of the world and South East Asia office jobs having move partially or fully online, with remote working,  how can employees ensure they are seen and their achievements noticed by YOUR teams and your boss? In the remote way of working, […]

6 Key Tips to get hired in an online world

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6 Key Tips to get hired in an online world 1. Dress as if it was an in person office Interview Just because you are online, and you maybe at home in the kitchen, don’t dress like you are! Remember first impressions are just as important for the employer, and when you dress professionally you […]

The Over 50’s Employment GAP

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The Over 50’s Employment GAP Employers are failing to identify and tackle potential age bias in their recruitment process, with most employers not seeing it as a ‘problem’ in their organization. We have observed negative views of older people, such as older workers ‘having poor IT skills’ or looking ‘worn-out.’ Older workers made redundant in […]

8 Tips to help you be more efficient working from home

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8 Tips to help you be more efficient working from home 1. Keep yourself to regular work hours Setting yourself consistent hours keeps you accountable to yourself and to your boss. It makes you more likely to get all your work done, and it makes it easier to get in touch with you. 2. Keep […]


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