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Talent Acqusition

We have over 5 years of sourcing the best talent across all key industries and job functions

Our key success factors, are speed and quality, we aim to have a COMPLETE shortlist to Clients in 2 weeks !

Our Process:

1st step – Role definition and company understanding

Where possible we visit your office/factory and talk to you and the Hiring Manager to understand the comapny/dept mission and aims

We have to know WHY candidates would want to join your operation and know the Company selling points

Step 2

Define the role requirements, competencies required and fit in the organisations structures
We talk to you to understand the key drivers and success factors of this role,
Receive a written JD and budget

Step 3
Use our network to seek information on where there are good candidates , get referrals and develop a pipeline of candidates
We use all social media, LI, Jobs Boards, and our own 10,000 + database to support our Market search

Step 4 – Interview potential candidates by achievement & competence based criteria
Video or Face to face, to select a shortlist for those who meet the client requirements

Step 5
Detailed summary profile provided for each shortlist candidate, to our clients contacts and have a meeting/call to update progress

Step 6
Arrange client interviews, reference check selected candidates & negotiate with selected candidate on salary package

Step 7
Ensure employment contract is signed and maintain candidate engagement in pre employment period and keep in regular contact through the 1s year of employment to ensure a smooth transition