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What is Employee Engagement all about in 2018?

March 05, 2018

Employee engagement is a key aspect that contributes to a company’s growth. Every technical and fundamental indicator is showing bullish signs of the employment market in 2018. With a rapid growth in the number of available jobs in the market, job seekers are very excited and are waiting to get into a reputable company. On the other side, employers are brainstorming on how to take their company to the next level. For a company to grow sustainably, employee engagement is very important. Before going into the trends of employee engagement in 2018, let’s have a look at what exactly the term Employee Engagement is.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is simply the limit to which an employee’s interests and goals align with the aims and vision of the company they’re working for. Even though it might sound like a confusing topic, it really is a simple one. Employee Engagement gets in its peak stage when the company’s goals become their employees’ goals as well. There are several benefits of Employee Engagement. Some of them are:

  • Improved productivity.
  • Boosting impact to your bottom line.
  • Higher levels of your top talent retention & reduced staff turnover %, leading to reduced hiring costs in the business
  • A decline in healthcare costs from reduced employee sick days.
  • Improved work place morale and sense of well-being through greater company loyalty

Top Employee Engagement tips in 2018:

To increase employee engagement and eventually increase your company’s growth rate is a key to every employer. Here are the top employee engagement tips for you to follow in 2018:

Several researches show that an employee’s usually feel unhappy when they don’t have a clear vision for their career. Gradually, multiple companies are recognizing this fact and are taking proper actions. Investing in your employee’s career pathing can lead to a happy employee, who’s contributing to your company. With this change, your employees are going to be more productive with their new-found love for their career.
  • Recruitment of older employees:
    You may wonder why? But there are several benefits in recruiting the older age employees. They’re experienced, reliable, and often importantly possess more company loyalty. The employees belonging to this category are mature in their decision making and they are good at teamwork and helping new employees to adapt to work place environments. Additionally, they are used to being independent in their daily work, and able to manage small teams on a day to day basis as well. So take another look at hiring the wise and life experience 50 + age group and you will see the benefits they can bring to your business.
  • Work-Life Balance:
    Many people aim for it, but only a few achieve it. Everyone talks about the work-life balance, but almost all of them struggle with it. Studies show that an employee who keeps their work life and personal life separated yet synchronized at the same time are the employees with utmost productivity. Make sure that your company policies are properly compatible with providing the work-life balance to your employees. Introduce flex-time for ALL employees where practical, this will ensure your employees can also have time to deal with their own personal tasks, without feeling guilty for being out of office. Make use of technology communication tools, to enable employees to be engaged in company business, even if not physically on site, especially for sales forces. Helping them in this aspect can help your company’s growth by leaps and bounds.
  • What can we expect?

    2017 was already a year, where more and more top employers started to implement steps to improve employee engagement in South East Asia.. These steps ranged from improved career support to additional employee benefits. As it gets continuously harder to find and retain top talents, we expect even more employers to focus on improving employee engagement in 2018. If you want to keep up with your competitors, we suggest to start with a renewed effort building up trust between you and your employees, and at the same time to support the plans for their careers on an ongoing basis.