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Top 5 Tips for Successful Employee Recruitment

April 23, 2018

Recruitment experts are quick to point out that building a successful team should be a long-term strategy which takes more than qualifications or experience into account. For example, in some instances, candidates may not have the precise experience needed for a role but they demonstrate more than enough enthusiasm or potential to be a huge success. Conversely, candidates can have all the talent in the world yet little enthusiasm or motivation to work in a team environment.

Either way, this is where smart recruitment can be the difference between choosing the best employees for a role and incurring unnecessary costs associated with employee replacement. With this in mind, here are five tips which top talent recruitment experts use to recruit the best employees:

5 Tips for Top Talent Recruitment

1. Vetting Candidates and Checking References

While it would be nice to take everyone at their word, substandard recruiting efforts can have drastic consequences on an existing team. In other words, if you pick the wrong candidate, you can easily wind up with someone who is unable to do the job or even disruptive to the existing workforce.

Indeed, this may sound like a worst case scenario or somewhat exaggerated but it does and can happen. For this reason, recruitment experts take the process of vetting candidates and checking references very seriously. In fact, these specialists take responsibility for choosing candidates who can be trusted and contribute positively to the growth of a business. At the same time, they also perform a full background check to make sure that there is no liability in the case of anything unexpected happening with this individual down the line.

2. Using Employees to Assist Top Talent Recruitment

As employee perceptions and expectations of the workplace change, we can see a transition in which more decision making is placed on, or at least shared with, the workforce. In this respect, many businesses fail to realize the power of their own employees for recruitment purposes. That is to say, existing employees are a great asset when it comes to recommending suitable candidates. Furthermore, employees are fully aware in terms of the requirements and can assist management by screening applicants or even assessing as to whether a candidate will fit in.

3. About the Career Section of the Company Website

In case you might be asking yourself, mobile-friendly websites are still not as common as most people think. For example, in a recent study based on the careers section for major companies in Southeast Asia, it was discovered that more than 90% of these websites were not optimized for mobile devices. In a time when smartphones and smart technology has taken over, this conveys the wrong message to potential candidates. Furthermore, this is a wasted opportunity to tell these candidates about important aspects of the company and allow them to establish if they are, in fact, the right person for the role.

4. Supporting and Rewarding Candidates

Employee replacement is an extremely costly process and another reason why businesses opt for recruitment experts in a sense that this reduces the risk of it happening. In this regard, management should pay more attention to employee support and take a proactive approach to employee satisfaction. Did you know that Google recently reported a 37% increase in employee satisfaction? Simply put, the search giant invests heavily in employee support and works to remove restrictions which may not serve the happiness of employees. Is your business rewarding and acknowledging customer on a daily basis? Does it carry out employee satisfaction surveys? It may be time to start.

5. Taking a More Conscious and Personal Approach

When recruitment experts set out to find the right fit for a particular role or business, the instructions will often place emphasis on qualifications or relevant experience. However, when it comes to integrating that same candidate into an existing team, the most important requirements are often nothing to do with any of the above. In this sense, the recruiter should try to know the candidate on a personal level and seek to escape the formalities wherever possible. At this point, recruiting the right personality for a team is a lot more likely and the instead on choosing a talented individual with no self-awareness; the recruiter can choose a considerate candidate who will slot seamlessly into an existing team.

While most management teams are sure to touch on the above points, recruitment experts have vast amounts of experience in the process. In this sense, they know to look past the minimum requirements and seek to know the personality and potential of every candidate. Of course, it takes time to identify the perfect person for every role but this is a long-term strategy which recruitment experts have taken time to perfect.