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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

February 28, 2017

How to Prepare for a Job Interview 

When looking for jobs in Thailand, it’s important to find good jobs at companies with good reputations. Once you’ve done that and have set up a job interview, though, it’s crucial to prepare for the interview. The tips below will help you pass with flying colors. 


Study the Job Description 

This is an important first step that many candidates often overlook. Before interviewing for a job, it’s important to know what the job is and what skills are required. Make a list of the most important skills and knowledge needed for jobs in Thailand, and think about how your background and experience match up with them. 


Research the Company 

Many interviewers will ask candidates “What do you know about our company?” They do this for two reasons. First, they want to make sure candidates understand what the company does and what will be expected.  

More importantly, though, interviewers want to know that candidates have invested some time to learn about the company.  

Go online and see what information you can find about the company. Do they have a lot of jobs in Thailand? How many employees does the company have? What products or services do they offer? Has the company released any news or made any announcements lately? These are all important questions, and mentioning them during the interview will impress the interviewer.  


Write Down Your Strengths 

It’s important to practice for the interview, and one crucial part of practicing for interviews is to focus on your strengths. Employers want to know what makes you a good employee, after all, so write down a list of your strengths. Be prepared to mention at least 3-4 strengths during your interview for jobs in Thailand.   

And Weaknesses 

A common interview question is “Please tell us about one of your weaknesses.” If you aren’t prepared to answer this question, the weakness you talk about might be significant, and it might leave a bad impression. 

Therefore, before the interview for jobs in Thailand you should make a list of some weaknesses, and follow up each weakness with one way that you overcome it. This second part is extremely important: interviewers know nobody is perfect, but they want to see that you can identify your faults and overcome them. 

Turn your weakness into a story. For jobs in Thailand, you can say something like this: “Well, sometimes I have a hard time waking up in the morning. I know this is my weakness, so I always set two different alarms, and I set them early so that I have plenty of time to wake up and get to work on time.” It’s important to acknowledge that you have weaknesses, but you should downplay their impact on your work. Additionally, you should only mention one weakness during the interview. When it comes to jobs in Thailand, keep interviewers focused on your strengths. 


Make a List of Your Accomplishments 

Ultimately, what an interviewer wants to hear is how you can help his/her company be successful. Write down specific examples from your past when you helped your company, and don’t worry if the examples seem minor. Chances are good that you play a more important role in your company than you realize. 

Manufacturing companies want to hire people for jobs in Thailand who will keep their employees safe. For example, pointing out a safety problem at a manufacturing company is crucial to the company’s success because accidents cost companies a lot of money. By focusing on your company’s safety, you are being a proactive and thoughtful employee.  


Make a List of Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them) 

Preparing for an interview for jobs in Thailand is a lot like preparing for a test in school: you should review every question that you think will be on the test, and you should have the answers ready. Look online for common interview questions and write down clear, positive answers.  

One common early interview question is “Tell us about yourself.” If you’re caught off guard, you might give an answer that seems too simple or, worse, you might accidentally say something negative about yourself. It’s best to minimize negative comments when interviewing for jobs in Thailand. Prepare an answer that gives a positive impression and shows the interviewer that you have a healthy work-life balance. Start off by talking about your work ethic, but it’s always good to mention some hobbies as well. 



Getting new jobs in Thailand is competitive, and new jobs represent new opportunities. If you follow the tips above and prepare well for the interview, you’ll be more confident and will stand out from the other candidates.

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