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Home Articles Happy Songkran 2018 by Artemis SEA

Happy Songkran 2018 by Artemis SEA

April 12, 2018

Stop dreaming, and start making your dream job a reality.

Here a few pointers on how to achieve your career dream move.

  • Network with everyone relevant in companies/ industry you are targeting to join eg Hiring Managers
  • Upgrade your CV and public profiles eg Linked In
  • Go to industry, expos and events, and relevant job fairs to meet potential target employers.
  • Check out career pages on target employers website weekly and get email updates on relevant advertised jobs from the main job boards eg Jobs DB
  • Upgrade your skills for the jobs you want to get, spend your spare time doing Online training, which is often free and available
  • Connect to target employers Recruitment teams, get their email address, and write them a personal note so they will remember YOU!
  • Spend 30 minutes EVERYDAY to work on achieving your dream, always follow up, and never give up!