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March 12 2018
Recruitment Trends 2018

10 Rules You Should Kill in Your Company 

Traditional companies tend to have a lot of different rules for all areas of the business. In this article, we are looking at those rules that can ruin a company and how to avoid them....

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March 05 2018
South East Asia

What is Employee Engagement all about in 2018?

In this article we look at the employee engagement trends in 2018. Learn how you keep employees motivated....

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February 26 2018
South East Asia

Why A Career In Recruitment Isn't For Nice People

This article is all about recruitment. The experts at Artemis SEA share their insights of the recruitment world in Southeast Asia. Do you plan a career in recruitment? Then this is a must read....

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February 19 2018
How To - Job Seekers

How to get your dream job in Southeast Asia as a foreigner in 2018

In this article we explain how you can get your dream job in Southeast Asia as a foreigner. Artemis SEA shares insightful tips and helps you understand the local job markets....

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March 29 2017
Recruitment Trends 2017

How to Get Recruited 101

How to Get Recruited - In short, it’s important for as many recruiters as possible to know who you are and what skills you possess...

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